Trampoline -- photo has Some Rights Reserved by Lauren Tucker PhotographyNorth Platte, Nebraska (April 1967)

It’s snowing outside while I’m in Phys. Ed. class — abnormally heavy,  abnormally wet and abnormally late snow for western Nebraska.

I take my turn on the trampoline….. bounce…. bounce…. bounce. Higher and higher, cuz that’s all I ever really do…. bounce…. no big tricks…. land on feet, bottom, back or front…. just bounce…

…… and the lights go out while I’m in the air!!!

That’s the only time I remember losing power in Nebraska and also the only time I remember school closed early due to weather. We had 9 inches of heavy late season snow…. and there were no school buses for kids that lived in town.

Fortunately, our house was only four blocks away — and had enough trampoline experience to be able to stop my “bouncing” when the gym got dark.

I had just turned 15 and would soon be moving to Texas.

This post was originally a comment I left on Cheerful Monk’s post, I’m Not the Only One.

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No Derivative WorksNoncommercialAttributionSome rights reserved by Lauren Tucker Photography

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