It’s back.

spam trollFor quite a while the amount of spam in my email had been fairly small – only a few pieces a week.

Recently, though, it’s escalated.  So far today,  it’s up to 16.  (As soon as I transcribed those to the lists below and deleted them, 3 more came in, and, since then, several more have arrived.)

From the similarity of subject and email addresses, it’s very likely that the majority are coming from the same source. For most of those those, the content is also similar, including links, with just a few works changed or moved around.

These things seem to come and go periodically.  Hopefully, this phase will be over soon.  Fortunately, almost all of it does go to the spam folder.

Recent Spam, sorted by topic:

Louis Vuitton

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Michael Kors

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Christian Louboutin

  1. Discount Christian Louboutin jfidmbxw (at gmail)

Sports Jerseys

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  1. cheap uggs sparkle xgjkhgfgujgyfdfg (at gmail)
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Educating the young on ways on have fun

  1. Free Sample Men’s Supplement estoppalcomplete (at yahoo)  (Be careful with this message. It contains content that’s typically used to steal personal information. )
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