I’m not much for watching television, nor for watching professional sports, least of all proffesional wrestling.

Given that I haven’t paid any attention what soever to proffesional wrestling, I should be surprised at least a little bit that it ranks so high in popularity for internet searches, but I’m not.

The last time I watched any was several years ago and several states north of here, visiting my family back home. There out on the prarie in a little house in a small town I sat with professional wrestling in front of me in all of its glory on a big screen TV and my dad and brother sat there and watched hour after hour. Not me.

As a teen in the seventies, I actually went to several professional wrestling matches. (I guess they’re called matches, or are they shows?) It was fun at the time, but it was also obviously just entertainment…. and I don’t see the fun in make believe fights.

But there’s money in it, and lots of fans. Here’s some links:

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
WWE on Yahoo Finance
Shows on UPN
WWE Shop.com
WWE Corporate Website

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