We’re not in Wyoming any more.

The last couple of days have been travel days, yesterday a short one with a run to Walmart to get a prescription and laundry day. We went from Hoback Junction to Rock Springs, both of them in the great state of Wyoming.

Today was a longer day. Our destination was Moab, Utah, and I had a choice of two routes. Naturally, I chose the harder one — not my intention. I did try to find information on the route on the internet, but my searches kept turning up garbage that didn’t help. (It’s not like I’m a newbie on searches! Some times all you can get on a search is crap!)

The road was winding for a good part of the day and we ended up going from nearly 5000 feet up over 8000 feet and back down to 6000 feet and then up to 9000 feet — and there was one more drop and climb that I can’t remember the elevations on.

There was one stretch going down with 10 switchbacks and a 5% to 9% grade. The recommended speed for trucks over 10,000lbs was 30 mph. Our truck and camper are well over that. We went down in first gear at less than 30 mph. It was slow, but I didn’t need the brakes except to slow for a hairpin curve or two and I only needed a light touch on the brakes then. No smoking brakes like last time!

We left Rock Springs at 8:15 and got into Moab around 4. The other route would have got us here earlier — but we sure did see some pretty country steep roads and some great country.

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