Wednesday Weigh In, March 4, 2009


Started November 1, 2008 at 285.6 lbs
Last week = 274.5 lbs.
This week = 272.5 lbs.
Difference = -2 lbs.; -13 lbs since starting

Made it to the gym 6 days out of 7.

I’m actually feeling a lot better on the days that I make it to the gym than the days that I don’t.

My heart monitor calculates calories based on heart-rate and time.  If I do an hour, it generally records about 800 to 850 calories.  This week, it recorded over 1400 calories on two consecutive days.

I forgot to mention that I turned 57 earlier this month.

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  • lost Mar 5, 2009

    Good work. Keep it up!!

    <abbr>lost’s last blog post..Another Road</abbr>

  • Mike Mar 5, 2009

    Lost – Thanks. I plan to!

  • Natural Mar 6, 2009

    hey mike, looks like you are doing a good job so far. i'm on the same path, to drop some pounds and like you i feel better when i get my exercise done and don't feel the same if i do not. best to you!

    <abbr>Natural’s last blog post..Pet Peeve Friday</abbr>

  • Mike Mar 6, 2009

    Natural – Thanks! I'm not only feeling better when I'm done. I'm to the point where I am feeling better all of the time and able to do more.

  • Jannie Funster Mar 6, 2009


    And happy belated birthday!

    <abbr>Jannie Funster’s last blog post..Seriously Weird!</abbr>

  • Mike Mar 7, 2009

    Jannie – Thanks!

  • Rose Mar 7, 2009

    Congrats. I haven't lost a lb. I can't wait until spring. lol 🙁

  • teeni Mar 7, 2009

    Wow. You really are doing well with the weight loss – that is great that you have gone to the gym 6 out of 7 days! I'm going to try to go tomorrow mainly to use the bikes so I can get in shape to do some bike riding this summer! Oh and happy late birthday! 57 is still so young! I'm glad you are taking care of your weight and health. 🙂

    <abbr>teeni’s last blog post..It’s Definitely a Sign…</abbr>

  • Debo Hobo Mar 9, 2009

    WOW!!! That is awesome!!! Keep up the great work Mike.

    <abbr>Debo Hobo’s last blog post..If The World Was A Village Of One Hundred People</abbr>

  • Mike Mar 9, 2009

    Rose – Thanks! (and flowers and fruit trees are already in bloom here.)

    teeni – Thanks! It's a lot easier for me to maintain motivation when I make it a routine, a habit. If I stop going, then not going becomes the habit.

    DeBo Hobo – Thanks! now all I have to do is keep at it.

  • Patricia Mar 9, 2009

    good job and I too feel better on the exercise days…today was snowing too hard and had lab work to do at the Dr's office…so I danced in the living room…just not so fun

    I am turning 60 in August…congratulations belatedly on the 57th birthday…

    <abbr>Patricia’s last blog post..“My Neighborhood Looks Like a Snow Globe!”</abbr>

  • Mike Mar 11, 2009

    Patricia – Thanks! Today was a no exercise day and not my normal one. Had a dentist appointment for the initial work for a new crown.

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