Wednesday Weigh-In for April 8


Even though I was down 2 lbs last Wednesday, I was back up above the lost 2 lbs by the weekend.

I’ve been struggling a bit, finding it difficult to stay motivated about going to the gym.  My weight was still above last week’s on Monday and I left the gym a half hour earlier than I normally do.

Yesterday and today I pushed myself.  My weight yesterday was back down to just below last week’s weight and, today, I had lost a little more.

Started November 1, 2008 at 285.6 lbs
Last week = 266.4 lbs.
This week = 265.4 lbs.
Difference = -1 lbs.; -20.2 lbs since starting
Initial goal: 210 lbs.; 56.4 lbs. to go!

Made it to the gym every day except Sunday.

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Wednesday Weigh-In – March 18, 2009,

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  • Dot Apr 9, 2009

    Wow, you've stuck to this all those months? That's amazing, especially through the holidays and all. Maybe you should give yourself a reward for reaching a 20+ lbs. lost!

    <abbr>Dot’s last blog post..The Silva Method, CDs 9 and 10</abbr>

  • Mike Apr 9, 2009

    Thanks , Dot. We went to Little Rock today to visit our daughter and son-in-law. On the way home we stopped at Chili's and I had a big greasy steak and a big batch of fries. Of course, since I'm exercising hard and not dieting, I can still say I didn't bust my diet as my diet is whatever I want to eat. I must admit, though, that while I'm not dieting, I am eating sensibly and not eating junk — almost all of the time.

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