Wednesday Weigh-In

I had a bit of a head start on this — working out and watching what I eat fairly seriously a couple of weeks before this started on Blog to Fit. I started at 285.6 lbs a month ago and on the first weigh in I was at 280 lbs.  Last week was a wash because of a bladder infection — and I am feeling much better this week!

This week, I’m down to 278.2 — not the progress that I would like, but moving it the right direction.

We walked 3.5 miles one day and went to the fitness center Monday and Tuesday

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  • Patricia Dec 3, 2008

    Good for you and with an infection. This is a good weigh in. I had nothing to blame, but remain even this week. I just can not make myself put my weight on the site…chicken…

  • Mike Goad Dec 4, 2008


    When I decided to go with this Wednesday Weigh-In, I decided that I was going to "tell all" even though I know that I have family and others who read this. Somehow it seems to make the process easier, for me.

  • Dave Fowler Dec 4, 2008

    Keep at it Mike.

    I'm with you on writing it down. It doesn't allow me to hide from the truth. It's there as a constant reminder.

    3.5 miles is a nice distance!

    Thanks for sticking with the Wednesday Weigh in – it's appreciated.

  • rummuser Dec 5, 2008

    I am making progress too but much slower than you are. My problem is my inability to walk long distances due to my hip problems.

  • Mike Goad Dec 5, 2008

    Dave – The 3.5 miles is the length of the outer loop of a local walking/running/biking trail. Thirteen years ago, I would sometimes make it around twice for a seven mile run.

    Ramana – Any progress is better than no progress. I've been a wimp sometimes and let minor health issues keep me from doing what I should be doing with my fitness. I don't know how I would keep at it with more significant problems.

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