Twitter me Not!

While looking for an image to go with this post on Pixabay, I came across an image of a blue colored bird on a branch, puking.  While that may be very appropriate for how some feel about Twitter, I decided to find something more visually appealing.

I’ve tried Twitter – twice, at least.

Now, I’m sure that Twitter is useful and worthwhile to some. I’ve not been able to see that for me.  I’ve tried both a personal account and a “business” account. For the amount of time I spent with each, there was little reward.  Sure, there were times where I was able to follow breaking trends and news, but I can get all of that in other places – if I want to.

I actually created my personal account 5 years ago. I’ve made 730 tweets and I have 7 followers.  (There were a few more followers at one time.) 730 tweets in 5 years averages out to 146 tweets a year or about .4 tweets a day.  However, the tweets all came in a very few periods where I was trying to figure Twitter out and use it.


Like many others I am bothered by the tweeting of the POTUS.  He comes across as a loudmouthed bully, even on Twitter where you can’t really hear his voice.  As president, he has the Twitter bully-pulpit which should not be, despite current evidence to the contrary, a place for a bully to preach, but rather a wonderful platform from which he could –and should –  advocate his positions and agenda.  Trump’s personal account has 41.1 million followers.  His POTUS account has 20.8 million.  Even with duplications between the two and “followers” from the opposition, that’s a hell of a bully-pulpit that is badly utilized.

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  • Rummuser Oct 28, 2017

    I am like you. I have an account and I have not tweeted in ages! I get some alerts for tweets from a few important people that I would like to be aware of and that is all.
    Rummuser recently posted…Seniors!My Profile

    • Mike Oct 28, 2017

      I get alerts from a few people, too, and that’s the only thing that takes me to Twitter — and that’s not often.
      Mike recently posted…Beep……. Beep……. BeepMy Profile

  • Hilary Melton-Butcher Oct 29, 2017

    Hi Mike – I’ve never got to use it .. though probably will in due course – but I hate being pestered all the time by all things from a few people who want to influence life … I’ll stick quietly on the sidelines – cheers Hilary
    Hilary Melton-Butcher recently posted…The Unfinished Pier … a romantic longing … at the De La Warr Pavilion …My Profile

    • Mike Oct 29, 2017

      If I wanted to use Twitter, I’d probably just limit the people I follow to those who primarily post about things I’m interested in… and tweet very rarely, if at all, myself.
      Mike recently posted…Beep……. Beep……. BeepMy Profile

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