Torn Asunder

I’ve created a short video using photographs from the civil war and mixed it with a couple of medleys of civil war music recorded almost 100 years ago.  I titled it “Torn Asunder–Images from America’s Civil War.”   It can be viewed in high definition by going to and then selecting the full screen icon in lower right corner of video (move mouse cursor over lower part of video to see icon).

Before and after:


Unidentified young soldier in New York Zouave uniform

This little project took a lot longer than the one’s I’ve created from my own photos and videos.  I assembled it photo by photo as I found them in the U.S. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Online Catalog.  Each image was “adjusted” to correct fading, remove spots and scratches, or other enhancements.  The audio was enhanced to filter out most of the static, hisses, and pops.

The video shows very little of battle.  First off, there are very few actual photos of battle.  Second, for most people, including the soldiers, the actual fighting was only a fraction of their war-time experiences.

I am using the frames from some of the photographs in the new header on my Daily Observations from the Civil War blog, which, of course, also has a post on this video, with a different slant to the blog post content.


Description of photographs:

  • Keedysville, Md., vicinity. Confederate wounded at Smith’s Barn, with Dr. Anson Hurd, 14th Indiana Volunteers, in attendance, September 1862.
  • Unidentified soldier in Confederate uniform and forage cap.
  • Chickahominy River, Va. Grapevine bridge built May 27-28, 1862, by the 5th New Hampshire Infantry under Col. Edward E. Cross.
  • Unidentified young soldier in Union uniform with musket, bayonet, and knapsack.
  • Aquia Creek Landing, Va. Embarkation of 9th Army Corps for Fort Monroe, February 1863.
  • Unidentified soldier in Confederate uniform and slouch hat, missing jacket buttons.
  • Cedar Mountain, Va. A Confederate field hospital, 1862.
  • Unidentified young soldier in New York Zouave uniform.
  • Cumberland Landing, Va. Federal encampment April – May 1862.
  • Unidentified young soldier in Confederate shell jacket, Hardee hat with Mounted Rifles insignia and plume with canteen and cup.
  • Military Bridge across the Chicahominy, June 1862.
  • Unidentified African American soldier in Union uniform in front of painted backdrop showing military camp.
  • Rebel gun in front of Fort Hell, April 1865, a Confederate cannon inside of Fort Sedgwick in Petersburg, Virginia.
  • Unidentified soldier in Confederate uniform.
  • Yorktown, Va. Embarkation for White House Landing, Va.
  • Unidentified young sailor in Union uniform.
  • Antietam Bridge, September, 1862.
  • Unidentified soldier in Confederate shell jacket and slouch hat with object hanging from neck in front of painted backdrop showing waterfall.
  • Confederate prisoners at Fairfax Courthouse, June 1863.
  • Unidentified girl in mourning dress holding framed photograph of her father as a cavalryman with sword and Hardee hat.
  • Hand colored; Tending wounded Union soldiers at Savage’s Station, Virginia, during the Peninsular Campaign, 1862.
  • Two unidentified women reading letters.
  • James River, Va. Sailors on deck of U.S.S. Monitor; cookstove at left, July 9, 1862.
  • Unidentified soldier in Confederate uniform and civilian, likely his father or older brother.
  • Harper’s Ferry, meeting of the Potomac and the Shenandoah, July 1865.
  • Unidentified soldier in Confederate uniform.
  • Libby Prison, Richmond, Va., August 23, 1863.
  • Unidentified African American Union soldier with a rifle and revolver in front of painted backdrop showing weapons and American flag at Benton Barracks, Saint Louis, Missouri.
  • Manassas, Virginia. Camp of General Irvin McDowell’s body guard, hand colored photographic print.
  • Unidentified soldier in uniform with young woman, probably his wife.
  • Secret Service agents, Whitehouse, Va.
  • Unidentified soldier in Confederate uniform of the 11th Virginia regiment with knapsack and bedroll.
  • Dinner time in camp.
  • Unidentified woman wearing mourning brooch and displaying framed image of unidentified soldier.
  • Confederate artillery near Charleston, S.C.
  • Unidentified soldier in Union uniform with Company E, 12th Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers hat.
  • Confederate prisoners at Belle Plain Landing, Va., captured with Johnson’s Division, May 12, 1864.
  • 1863, Interior view of Fort Sumter showing ruins and explosion.

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