Talking about the coming winter.

I’ve had several discussions about the coming winter over the last week or so.  Most have heard the talk and predictions that the coming winter will be a bad one.

2013-12-06 014edTalk is talk, but how often do people take action?

One thing we planned for this fall was getting our chimney cleaned.  Karen talked to the chimney sweep company yesterday and they’re probably not going to get to us until the beginning of December.  Karen set up an appointment.  They might be able to get to us before that. Might.

The woman she talked to said that it’s been crazy busy for their business, a lot more than normal.

The last time they were this crazy busy was in the fall and early winter of 1999.

Back during the run-up to Y2K.

Remember Y2K?

2013-12-06 024edI guess people were getting ready just in case the power went away because some computers wouldn’t compute properly after the date change to 2000.

We had a pretty cold and snowy winter last year – accompanied by a lot of power outages.  Many people had to resort to using their fireplaces more than normal and, for some, normal fireplace use was none at all.  That was pretty much us most years.

Given the experience of last winter and the predictions for the upcoming winter, it seems that more than just a few are taking action to prepare.

Current predictions from Weather Bell.

The numbers on the image on the left are the departure from normal in degrees Celsius.  To get the departure from normal in Fahrenheit, multiply by 1.8, which means that the dark blue area is projected to average 7.2°F below normal.

The percentage on the chart on the right is simply a projection of the percent of normal snowfall that will be seen.


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  • Grannymar Oct 26, 2014

    I used to have a chimney sweep, come every autumn to clean mine. He had an accident and his son -in-law took over. He was an untidy worker and left me more work than enough when he had finished. When I calmed down that last time, I swore never to have him again. I bought a set of poles and brush heads and since then, I have done the job myself. I find it no problem. The important thing to remember is to twist in the locking direction but on the way up and down.
    Grannymar recently posted…Sunday One liners ~ 52My Profile

    • Mike Oct 26, 2014

      Our problem is that we have a very heavy insert with a 6 inch drop from the fireplace opening to the floor. Karen is afraid (and I’m sure she’s right) that I would have difficulty getting it out and back in — and that I would end up making a terrible mess. 😉
      Mike recently posted…Saying GoodbyeMy Profile

  • Grannymar Oct 26, 2014

    Mine is an open fire, so that makes it easier to manage.
    Grannymar recently posted…Sunday One liners ~ 52My Profile

  • Hilary Oct 27, 2014

    Hi Mike – I wonder what the winter holds .. it was 20 degC here today – well it was warm to put it mildly … but we need the cold too – but excessive snow can be a real pain here, as we’re not geared up for it.

    I remember chimney cleaning from decades ago and my uncle had his done every year …

    Cheers – just hope we don’t have a nasty one!! Hilary
    Hilary recently posted…Survive and Thrive blogfest: the list of bloggers and their subjects ….My Profile

    • Mike Oct 27, 2014

      It’s warm here today — I’m wearing shorts — but by Saturday some areas around here may have frost. But Saturday is November and frost in November doesn’t sound so bad, though it will be a tad early if it happens.
      Mike recently posted…Dorothea Lange.My Profile

  • Alan G Oct 29, 2014

    Just read your post about the prognosis for the upcoming winter and addressing such has pretty much covered the activities at my home as of late. Today my home generator system installation will be completed and I will breath somewhat easier with regard to the problems winters can bring, particularly ice! 😕

    Granted such a system is a high price to pay for peace of mind and I hope in the end there will not be any disappointments or unforeseen issues.
    Alan G recently posted…My life among the trees….My Profile

    • Mike Oct 29, 2014

      I hope the system works as expected — IF needed. I certainly hope Arkansas doesn’t have problems with ice, but if it happens, having fall back options certainly should make a big difference.
      Mike recently posted…Dust, Drought and Depression #21.My Profile

      • Alan G Oct 29, 2014

        “IF needed….”

        Got to say that even though it was an expensive investment I would not complain whatsoever if it was “NEVER” ever called into service…!!! 🙂

        • Mike Oct 29, 2014

          I can certainly understand that.

          It certainly was fortunate last year that I had my modifications done to be able to use the motorhome generator for some house loads just a few days before losing power in the early December storm.
          Mike recently posted…Dust, Drought and Depression #21.My Profile

  • Rummuser Oct 29, 2014

    Temperatures here have dropped to early winter levels already. It would appear that we too would have a colder than normal winter. Not cold enough in Pune for fire places and chimneys though!
    Rummuser recently posted…Defeat.My Profile

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