So now my article on comment spam has been hit by — you guessed it — comment spam!!

This would be hilarious — if it were not such a pain to deal with!

This guy left the following message, in part:

Hi ! Quite smart!——————————-Visit this sites for more
information about me:

This was followed by “Cialis Levitra online casino HENTERMINE – online Phentermine Pharmacy,” all with links, of course, plus another link for the author, who was a fellow by the name of “online casino.”

The article it was posted to is Comment Spam! — New Gambit (at least to me). Needless to say, the comment was not approved.

I never click on any kind of spam link or popup advertising. I always investigate anything that looks like comment spam and never approve it if it’s not a legitimate comment for any of my blogs.

Oh, on this one, I did click on one of these links and it took me to a page where it looked like it was running up a counter — which probably meant it was running up false clicks to artificially inflate it’s position or defraud an advertiser!

2 Responses to “So now my article on comment spam has been hit by — you guessed it — comment spam!!”
  1. Mike Says:
    February 17th, 2006 at 1:49 pm Today, “he” left the same message on my Out ‘n About blog.
  2. Mike Says:
    March 7th, 2006 at 12:03 pm And again my article on comment spam has been hit by — you guessed it — comment spam… and they hit this post, too!

    Give me a Break!

Post from one of my abandoned blogs – North Farnham Freeholder – recovered from Internet Archive WayBackMachine March 2011

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