Smart phone?


While we’ve both had a cell phone for a number of years now, neither of us have been inclined to want anything more than a plain-jane, run-of-the-mill, simple phone.

When the i-phone came out, it looked interesting and like something that would be really great for some folks.  However, I really didn’t see much use in it – for me.  Or any of the other smart phones that are out, for that matter.

I know.  There’s an ap for this and an ap for that, everywhere an ap ap.

A whole bunch of aps to spend time and money on – time and money that could just as well be used on other things.

Also, I really didn’t want to have to pay extra for a data and email plan – when it really didn’t seem like we would be using it that much.  When we were considering a new phone, we actually thought about getting one smart phone and one not-so-smart phone, but it was only a passing thought.

Yesterday, we finally decided to go for it and get new phones and stopped at one of the local Verizon stores.  We switched from AT&T, who had bought the company we had originally been signed up with, Cingular.  Until 2008, Verizon wasn’t even available in our area,  but then they bought Alltel, which had been our service provider before Cingular.

We went with the Palm Pre Plus.  While it’s got plenty of bell and whistle features, the current pricing and options for it were the best fit for what we were looking for.

We’re still working our way through setting all of the contact lists up and figuring the things out.


We know a few people who still do not have cell phones, let alone a smart phone.

What about you?  Cell phone? Smart phone?  Old fashioned home phone only?


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