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  • Hilary Oct 12, 2015

    Hi Mike – I see Route 66 no longer exists per se … but it’d be fun having these places to stop off and see the history of the area. I hadn’t been aware that it went from Chicago to Los Angeles .. I knew it went across but not from where to where …

    A little history still …

    Cheers Hilary
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    • Mike Oct 12, 2015

      Our travel today started at Flagstaff, Arizona and ended in Grants, New Mexico. We traveled I40, which has pretty much replaced Route 66 from Oklahoma City to California. In places, we could see where the old highway ran. In other places, there was little evidence — a bridge spanning a dry wash, with no road going to it on either side.

      I traveled by bus from Arkansas to the San Francisco area in 1972. At that time long stretches of I40 had not been built yet, so the bus followed Rte 66. Today, most of the old businesses have faded away. Some have survived and some have been preserved.
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  • Hilary Oct 13, 2015

    Hi Mike – now I’m writing about Flagstaff Observatory and the discovery of Pluto .. co-incidences.

    Route 66 exists in folklore mostly .. and music … One day I must get to do some road travel in the south of the States … I’m sure much has faded away, yet the odd place will have been preserved – it’s good to see … cheers Hilary
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    • Mike Oct 13, 2015

      Fall or spring are probably best for travel in any part of the southern states. Winter would probably be okay, too, though some areas do get wintry weather. Summer can be very hot and uncomfortable. Hot and humid in the east, very hot and dry in the west. We don’t do the southwest in the summer. So far, we’ve just visited in the fall.
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