Ran into someone I knew… in Dallas, Texas

We are about 7 hours or so from home, staying in a motel in Arlington, Texas. The main reason for our visit was to see the Dallas quilt show. Karen is a quilter and I know a bit about quilting from listening to her talk about it, plus I had my camera along for taking pictures.When we got in yesterday, I started to look in the phone book for the name of a fellow that I knew came to this area not too long ago. However, my eyes were pretty tired from being on the road most of the day and I couldn’t read the small print in that book – I WILL be getting an eye exam in the near future – so I put the book away with the intent of checking it later. Didn’t happen.

We were nearly three hours into the quilt show on the last row of vendors booths and I was waiting for my wife to get done in one of them, when I looked down the row and thought I saw a familiar face – I did see a familiar face, the guy I had thought about looking up in the phone book.

“Scott,” I yelled. He glanced in my direction and was obviously surprised. Even though he lives in the area now, he didn’t think he’d see anyone he knew at the Dallas Quilt Show.

I don’t think I’ve seen Scott since we worked together as instructors several years ago. We spent a good ten minutes or so talking and catching up.

I don’t think either of us were surprised to see that we each had a digital SLR camera in our hands!

Old friendI gave Scott this site as a way of getting in touch, by leaving a comment on any of the blog posts.

Later: Going through my photos, I found that Scott and I must have walked right each other at least once earlier as he and his wife were in one of the photos from about an hour before we met up .

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