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A year ago, I was researching web host packages. The one that I was using at the time, from Yahoo, was costing me $15.00 a month for a 100 Mbyte package. I had exceeded the 100 Mbyte ceiling and was paying an additional $5.00 a month for another 50 Mbytes of space.

What I found was a lot of variety in what was available. What I was looking for was a hosting plan that would allow me room for a lot of digital images.

After a couple of weeks of research, I settled on (or in their logo). Globat offered about the best package for the price, in my opinion. As I recall, the entry level package, which I signed up for, was 1 GB of space, 50 GB bandwidth, and 1000 e-mail addresses for about $8.00 a month on the long term plan.

I have been very, very pleased with the service. I can’t say that there have not been any glitches, but in each instance, even when the glitch was an error in my understanding, the response from the service part of the organization has been great.

There has been very little down time in my service. I can honestly say that I’ve seen more problems in delays than delays in my own site.

About 6 months into the first year, Globat improved their entry level program to 2 GB of space and 60 GB of bandwidth which they passed on to existing customers at no extra charge. A couple of months ago they improved it again to 2.5 GB space and 75 GB of bandwidth. This time, the price was raised, but only very very slightly and existing customers were allowed to stay at the 2 GB level or opt in to the new base level program, which I did almost immediately.

At the current time, I have about 200 Mb of material on-line at Globat. My bandwidth, however, is approaching 2 GB a month, which would far have exceeded the limit on my old hosting package.

If you are looking for a new hosting package, give them a try.

P. S. I am an affiliate of That means that if you click on this ad and then decide to go with them for a hosting package, I earn a referral fee. However, I would recommend them even if I wasn’t getting a referal.

– Mike

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