click for meh....I don’t know that I’ve ever heard anyone use the interjection, meh.

Used as an expression of boredom or indifference, meh is supposedly the verbal equivalent of shrugging on one’s shoulders.

Meh was apparently popularized after its use in the animated TV series The Simpsons. I can quite happily say that I have never watched a single episode of that show, now in its 29th. No particular reason for it – we’ve both caught glimpses of it here and there as we’ve changed channels or it’s been mentioned in some other show – but neither of us have had any particular reason to watch – meh…….

click for meh....A humorous definition is found on T-shirts available from Amazon: “Meh – the universal, non-committal answer to every question ever posed. It’s the answer that doesn’t actually give any answer.”

Merriam-Webster definition of meh: used to express indifference or mild disappointment.

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  • Hilary Melton-Butcher Oct 22, 2017

    Hi Mike – I’ve heard it used and seen it written … but never used it. Also don’t watch the Simpsons … our language is constantly changing … rightly or wrongly – meh! Cheers Hilary
    Hilary Melton-Butcher recently posted…Bran Tub # 15: Why is there a ping pong ball in my Guinness?My Profile

    • Mike Oct 22, 2017

      Sort of ironic on the Simpsons for me considering Homer Simpson and I are both nuclear plant workers. And, yes, the language does continue to “evolve.”
      Mike recently posted…Cities of the DeadMy Profile

  • Rummuser Oct 22, 2017


    I have never watched Simpsons. I have not even read some of their comic books /strips.
    Rummuser recently posted…Alternative Math.My Profile

    • Mike Oct 22, 2017

      Actually, I can say the same thing for almost all popular TV shows as not watching television is the norm for us. It’s working out well now as I can tune in with Netflix and watch popular series from the beginning through the most recent episodes. I generally watch on my iPhone while on the aerobic machines at the gym. Sometimes, though, I get worn out before I get to the last show. I never did what finish watching the X-Files, for instance.
      Mike recently posted…Cities of the DeadMy Profile

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