Love’s Emblems

John Fletcher.

NOW the lusty spring is seen;

  Golden yellow, gaudy blue,

  Daintily invite the view:

Everywhere on every green

Roses blushing as they blow,

  And enticing men to pull,

Lilies whiter than the snow,

  Woodbines of sweet honey full:

    All love’s emblems, and all cry,

    ’Ladies, if not pluck’d, we die.’


Yet the lusty spring hath stay’d;

  Blushing red and purest white

  Daintily to love invite

Every woman, every maid:

Cherries kissing as they grow,

  And inviting men to taste,

Apples even ripe below,

  Winding gently to the waist:

    All love’s emblems, and all cry,

    ’Ladies, if not pluck’d, we die.’

literature, poetry

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