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I formatted my primary hard drive this weekend, the one that has all of my data.

It’s not something I do often, fortunately. I’ve done it often enough that I recognize the need to have a good backup of everything. While I still don’t backup my data on a regular basis, this time I had plenty of warning. The drive didn’t fail. Something happened to it that damaged a couple of critical files – my wife’s e-mail and the capability to print. I was able to fix the e-mail problem. However, the printer problem was more than just not being able to print. I also was not able to reinstall a print driver of any type. Searching the internet and Microsoft on the error message did not produce any workable solution. One guy posted on the same error message that he had been trying to fix his printer problem for several weeks. The solutions that others suggested for him didn’t work for me.

So I reinstalled Windows XP. It resolved the printer problem. I thought everything was fine until I tried to go on-line to get updates for Windows. I couldn’t log on to the internet and I wasn’t able to add a connection using “setup.” Wonderful…!

I tried one more time to reinstall XP. This time the problem was the monitor.

At that point, I decided to quit fighting whatever problem there was and just go ahead and format the hard drive. After all I had everything backed up and had used the “Files and Settings Transfer Wizard” to save everything to my secondary hard drive. The shouldn’t be any problem.


Besides having to reinstall all of the software on my computer, I found that I had lost all of my e-mail messages, with no backup.

Not only that, but I’ve lost a large percentage of the addresses that I use on a regular basis as well as every subscription e-mail for anything I’ve ever joined on-line. Most of my work and family contacts are on my PDA, fortunately.

Everything else was saved, it appears.

Post from one of my abandoned blogs – North Farnham Freeholder – recovered from Internet Archive WayBackMachine 2/28/2011 – page

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