Liberation of Brussels

Random Topic #7

The inspiration for this little video was selection of a random prompt, in this instance, “liberate.”  A search of the Internet Archive came up with the newsreel footage and, with a limited  amount of editing, this video was produced for a “random topic” blog post.

Video Selected, Edited and Published 9/23/2016

history, life, random topic, vintage video/film, war, ww2

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  • Hilary Oct 6, 2016

    Hi Mike – fascinating footage … really interesting to see and to hear some of the stats … I think I’ll be back to re watch … thank goodness we came through … those prisoners looked desperate – and of course none it was their fault, or our fault … War is just deplorable … Hilary

  • Hilary Oct 9, 2016

    Hi Mike – I came back … interesting it was 50 miles a day the British moved forward in the liberation, and 5 major cities were captured from the German army in 20 days … worth thinking about … and now it wouldn’t happen like that …

    Thanks for posting … Hilary

    • Mike Oct 10, 2016

      Hi Hilary — It’s always interesting to find new snippets of history. Sometimes I get distracted far from what I intended to be doing.

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