From balmy to frigid, ice and snow–Winter roars back

Update — 2/2/2011:  We fared better than expected – no ice and just a trace of snow.  We just got the cold arctic air – 13° at 8 AM.


Things have certainly changed in just a couple of days. Fortunately, we’ve had some warning, so have been able to make some preparations, just in case the storm is worse than predicted.

Even, though it’s raining for now, we’re in a winter storm warning, along with a significant part of the country.  Areas north of us and not too terribly far away are in a blizzard warning.

We’re hoping for snow and not ice.  Earlier today, the forecast was for a .2 to .4 inch coating of ice on exposed surface – tree branches, power lines, etc..

Fortunately, the forecast has changed to a thin layer of ice before the precipitation turns over to snow.

The temperature is currently above freezing.

Unfortunately, this monster storm is going to hit a lot of places hard.  Some forecasters are calling it a storm of historic proportions.




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