D Day Rescue, Omaha Beach.


D Day Rescue, Omaha Beach

American soldiers on Omaha Beach recovering the fallen after the D Day invasion of France.

Photographer Walter Rosenblum, Army Pictorial Service.

The threats of today pale in comparison to the realities of the 20th century.


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  • Cheerful Monk May 26, 2014

    Yes, that was one grim time.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted…Rain!My Profile

    • Mike May 26, 2014

      Most today cannot relate to how grim it really was. Too many see the world through the lens of reality TV and other entertainment.
      Mike recently posted…Patient ToilMy Profile

  • Cheerful Monk May 26, 2014

    I’ve seen some powerful documentaries about WW II using Netflix. They remind me how lucky we are.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted…Thermometer CablesMy Profile

  • Hilary Jun 12, 2014

    Hi Mike – I watched some the D-Day BBC output from Normandy … wonderful commemorative events, heard some appalling tales, and paid attention to some of the output that was given …

    The most important thing is that all those men and women who lost their lives, or were injured did it for us and our freedom – today most don’t have a clue what happened … and even more sadly aren’t interested …

    I’ll be posting on it sometime soon … Hilary
    Hilary recently posted…Blog Sandwich Update 2My Profile

  • Mike Jun 12, 2014

    World War II for the young adults of today is further away in time than World War I was for us. I don’t wonder that they’re not interested. It’s just history to them. For the reality TV generations, history doesn’t hold much interest.

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