Comment Policy

Comments are welcome. Constructive criticism is welcome. Even if I don’t like it, I probably won’t edit it or delete it.

I’ve got some simple rules that most people won’t have any problem meeting. Comments not meeting the rules will either be edited, if possible, or deleted or not approved if approval is required.

  1. No rude, mean or obstructive comments.
  2. No obscene or otherwise offensive language
  3. No spam
    1. Most of these won’t even make it to moderation.  I may allow borderline spam comments to make it to the post, but, in allowing this, a borderline spam comment may be stripped of back links.  For this blog, a borderline spam comment is a comment that appears to be a legitimate comment, but the links in the comment go to what I subjectively determine to be a spammy website.
  4. No use of copyrighted material beyond what is reasonable under the fair use provisions of US copyright laws.
  5. Comments should generally be on topic and should seldom be longer than the post being commented on.
  6. No use of the blog comments as a forum for one’s views.  Expressing one’s views is acceptable.  Repeated comments attempting to change the views of others is not, though such comments will probably not be deleted or edited, unless rules 1, 2, 3 or 4 are involved.

Off topic comments are allowed, unless it gets out of hand.

Comments contrary to my views are welcome.

A blog isn’t a democracy — but even democracies have rules.

Abuse of this policy may result in the comment being edited, deleted, or refused. Repeated abuse of this policy may result in the offending commenter being temporarily or permanently banned from commenting.

revised 1/7/2014

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