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Do you use categories on your blog?

If so, how many?

A while back,  I stopped using categories on my blog posts.  There were simply way too many and I really didn’t see much use in them in a personal blog.  They took up a fair amount of time, time that I could use for something else. 

Since then, all blog posts have been assigned a default of “general” category.

I may go back to using categories, but if I do, I need to be more selective.  WordPress has the capability to assign a hierarchy.  For instance, I could assign “civil war” and “Eyes of the Great Depression” under “American History” – certainly something to look into.

Wednesday, I took the first step and whittled down the total number.  There is still quite a few – over 80 –, but it’s a beginning.  I think I’ll leave it there for now.

Current Categories


This relook at categories came about as a result of a post on Lorelle VanFossen’s blog, Lorelle on WordPress.

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