Bull Trout–Part Deux

Bull Trout Campground

On July 26, we moved from Arco, Idaho to Bull Trout Campground, about 26 miles down the road west of Stanley.  The campground is next to two lakes, Bull Trout Lake and Martin Lake.  Our campsite was in the newer section of the campground and  was just a short walk from the smaller of the two lakes.

We didn’t get over to the larger lake – Bull Trout – other than driving the loops to see what the other campsites looked like.  We walked the short distance to Martin Lake and hiked all the way around it.

The campground was 1.9 miles down a very dry dirt road whose surface was like powder.  Fortunately, it rained that night.  The rain washed the worst of the dust off the car and there was very little road dust for the rest of our stay.

Martin Lake next to Bull Creek Campground

trail by Martin Lake next to Bull Creek Campground Martin Lake next to Bull Creek Campground

The campground elevation is 6900 ft in a mixed growth forest of Douglas fir and lodgepole pine. Wildflowers are plentiful.

Martin Lake next to Bull Creek Campground

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