Beep……. Beep……. Beep

As I was writing the blog post yesterday afternoon, I kept hearing a beeping sound, something like a smoke alarm when the battery is just about dead. That didn’t make sense, because our smoke alarms are brand new – with 10 year sealed batteries –  just installed last week. Beep…..

For a while I ignored it as I wanted to finish the post before heading in to work. Beep…..

After I got dressed for work Beep…..I started looking for where the sound was coming from. Karen was in town at the gym, followed by shopping, so she couldn’t help.

I stood under the hallway alarm. Beep…..  That wasn’t it.

So, I went and stood under the kitchen alarm.  Beep….. Nope, not there, either.  Sounded like it was coming from the living room. I stood in there for a while and Beep….. couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.

I couldn’t wait around any longer as I needed to head in to work. Beep…..


As I left the house, I grabbed the bag of trash waiting by the front door and took it outside to the trash bin. Beep…..

After I got home from work, I asked Karen if she had thrown out an old smoke alarm.  She had, but it wasn’t beeping.

I wonder if it beeped when the trash was picked up this morning. Beep…..

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