Abandoned Houses

When I started using AKVIS Sketch to create digitized “sketches” from photos, I was creating change of address cards for sale on print-on-demand company Zazzle.   So far, a few of them have actually sold.  I’ll continue to create similar items and others.

Like a lot of what I am doing on-line, this is something that I enjoy doing and any income it brings in will help pay for our on-line activities.

The images below are some abandoned houses in Arkansas.

2014-05-09 003saturated cartoon rough sketch watercolor


2014-05-09 004 saturated cartoon rough sketch watercolor

arkansas, photography, retirement, serendipity

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  • bikehikebabe Aug 11, 2014

    I can see why, tho’ I do like color purple.

    • Mike Aug 11, 2014

      The color is my fault, I think. I oversaturated the photo before putting them through the sketch program.
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