A View From Knife Edge Trail

Mesa Verde, Knife Edge Trail, September 13, 2009

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Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, September 13, 2009


The mountain on the horizon is said to resemble a man laying on his back with his arms crossed on his chest.  Its name is Sleeping Ute Mountain.

While it was pretty dry during our visit to Mesa Verde — there was a fire ban and no campfires allowed — there was a daily threat of rain.  We did get rain one day, but it lasted only a short period.  Dry conditions are normal here and there is evidence all over the park of numerous fires that have occurred over a long period.

The Knife Edge Trail is a 2 mile round trip walk along the north rim of Mesa Verde National Park. It takes about l 1/2 to 2 hours to walk the trail.

Historically, part of the Knife Edge Trail follows a section of the Knife Edge Road built in 1914 as the main access into the park. Along the trail you may see patches of asphalt that remain from this road. Old-timers still proudly talk about what a feat it was to build, or “hang,” a road on this steep bluff. Users recall it with a bit of dread because of its narrowness, the unexpected rock slides and its slippery ruts.

The photo is from the newest of my photo galleries and the second from Mesa Verde.  The gallery includes images from Cliff Palace — a Puebloan culture cliff dwelling —, the Knife Edge Trail and more.

Gallery: Cliff Palace and More — September 13, 2009, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

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