A Comment Spam that looks almost like a legitimate comment

The comment spam said:

Wow this is a nice site. :0) I like the comments even though I don’t 100% agree with all of them. I am a grad student at the University of Sacred Heart in Connecticut. If you don’t mind I will use your blog as a example for my semester project that I am doing on the internet and ecommerce. If you reject the thought send me a quick email


The comment was posted on a poetry blog post where all I post are random public domain poems. The poem for that post was Christabel by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. It has nothing to do with e-commerce and the internet, other than the fact that I have AdSense ads on the site — and there doesn’t seem to be a University of Sacred Heart in Connecticut.

Post from one of my abandoned blogs – North Farnham Freeholder – recovered from Internet Archive WayBackMachine March 2011

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