Made it to Rushmore — Not HOT!

We left North Platte, Nebraska, at a little after 7 this morning, driving straight north through the sand hills to South Dakota. We’re just a few miles from Mt. Rushmore.

When we started out the temperature was about 71°F — and it dropped as we went further north. The sky when we started out was gray with low clouds. As we progressed through the morning, there were periods of mist and fog. The temperature dropped to as low as 65°F and it never got above 78° for us all day long!

What a relief!

We will leave here next Sunday morning, headed for Devils Tower, about 2.5 hours west of here in Wyoming.

After we got here, we didn’t do what we normally do. We usually head out to start exploring. Since we will be here for a week, we just stayed put at our camp site, except for a walk around the “resort.”

I’ve been alternately reading and editing photos from the trip so far in the “digital dark room” on my computer.

I’ll have some up soon — I promise.

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  • teeni Aug 20, 2007

    I'm just stopping by and checking out Opal's other featured bloggers. So hello there! I'm jealous because I can already tell you do a lot of travelling and see lots of neat things. I will be visiting again so I can catch up on some of your pictures. I love to look at other people's pics because I may never get to see all of these places myself. So thanks for sharing! And congrats on being featured by Opal. 😉

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